Can you dispose of unwanted medicines?

Yes, similarly to all pharmacies we are obliged to accept unwanted medicines. We strongly recommend that you do not keep any unwanted medications for any longer than you need too. If you have medications you would like to dispose of, you can do this at your local pharmacy or by completing this form and posting the medications […]

How are you regulated and monitored?

We are regulated and monitored in exactly the same way as your local pharmacy. Medicine Drop is regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) and NHS England like all pharmacies across the UK.

Is there an extra cost to the NHS or GPs if I use Medicine Drop?

No. All our prescription deliveries are free! There are no extra costs to you, your GP or the NHS for using our service. We operate in the same manner as your local pharmacy and cover the cost ourselves for delivering your prescriptions. If you normally pay for your prescriptions, we will notify you of the […]

How does your online prescription delivery service work with my GP?

Once you register with Medicine Drop, we will become your nominated pharmacy. This means your GP will be able to see that you wish to have your NHS prescriptions delivered by Medicine Drop. Your GP will then send your prescriptions electronically to us, for our team to clinical check, assemble and deliver.

How does Medicine Drop work?

1. Sign up with us, either online or by telephone.2. Call us, to ask us to put an order in for your medication. Alternatively, you can order your medication directly with you GP.3. Your prescriptions will automatically be sent to our pharmacy.4. We will check you prescriptions are correct and deliver your medication to you.5. Completely free of charge.

Who are Medicine Drop?

We are a team of dedicated and trained individuals with one vision: simplifying healthcare management. Our pharmacists use advances in technology to deliver NHS prescriptions straight to your door, completely free of charge. From managing repeat prescriptions to receiving timely health advice, we help thousands of customers across the UK.