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Rennie Peppermint – 24 Tablets

Alleviate Diarrhoea, rapid acting

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Imodium Instants are rapid-acting, orally disintegrating tablets designed to alleviate diarrhoea swiftly, often within an hour. These orodispersible tablets are an optimal choice for individuals who find it challenging to swallow conventional tablets, as they dissolve effortlessly in the mouth without the need for water. Imodium Instants are formulated to address both acute and IBS-related diarrhoea.

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What are Rennie Peppermint Tablets? Rennie Peppermint Tablets are antacid tablets that swiftly alleviate symptoms of heartburn, indigestion, and upset stomach. These tablets are formulated with calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate to provide fast relief. What causes heartburn and indigestion? Heartburn and indigestion, often referred to as acid reflux, arise when stomach acid moves up into your oesophagus and throat. This can create a burning chest sensation, a sour stomach feeling, and an acidic taste in your mouth. There are a wide range of triggers including certain foods and drinks, obesity, smoking, pregnancy, stress, and some medications. What symptoms does acid reflux include? Alongside heartburn, acid reflux can also result in symptoms like a sore throat, persistent cough, hiccups, hoarseness, bad breath, and a bitter taste in the mouth. How does Rennie Peppermint work? Rennie Peppermint Tablets contain calcium carbonate (680mg) and magnesium carbonate (80mg). These ingredients neutralise excess stomach acid, converting it into water, relieving heartburn and indigestion symptoms.

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